For Hoarder: Easy Decluttering Tips

Easy Decluttering Tips

Let me tell you something; I bet if you look at your room closely you’ll see hundreds of items you’ve collected ever since you were a kid. Old ticket stubs, empty bottles of perfume, clothes, shoes, and more.

You don’t even use half of those items, and yet you still keep them right? Whether it’s for sentimental purposes or you’re just perpetually in the mood for not cleaning up, you probably need a couple of organization hacks to keep your items from cluttering your room.

In this article, we’ll enumerate some decluttering tips and ideas to ensure that you get to stay out of hoarder land.

Give yourself goals to follow

A good trick to help you declutter is to motivate yourself through personal goals. For instance, if your style has changed over the years, use this as a reason to declutter your closet. Anything that doesn’t fit your new style will have to go. You can also choose to let go of anything you haven’t used or worn in a year or two. But as much as you need to enforce personal rules when you’re decluttering, make sure to go easy on yourself a little. If you really love those band shirts, be strict with what you want to take out.

Think of reasons why you need to declutter

It isn’t just about style change, of course. Sometimes we need motivators that are stronger than that. So here are a couple of reasons that might push you to purge your closet and clean up your room.

  • Donating your clothes and footwear to charity. Practice this in a frequency you’re comfortable with. Some do it annually, while others do it every other year.
  • Gift it to friends who you would know would appreciate it. You can make this into a group project, ask your friends to look at their things as well and give each other these items on your friendship anniversary.
  • Sell them. Why not just make money out of your old stuff, right? Some people will love them just as much as you do, so you can choose to make a couple of bucks for just cleaning out your room.

Organize what remained of your things

The best part is finally organizing the things that you have left. Maybe you can store them by color, style, season, and so on. You’ll be able to appreciate these things even more, every article of clothing, every item now sitting on your shelf.

These organization tips aren’t just for clothes and shoes, you can also do this for books and accessories. You need to give yourself time to declutter, don’t expect to finish in just one weekend. Some of those items have probably been with you for years, and if you’re giving them a new home, so it’s completely fine to take your time.

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