Keeping Your House Secured While Traveling

Keeping Your House Secured While Traveling

Do you believe in Murphy’s Law? According to this, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Frankly, just starting to think about everything that can go wrong in something as simple as our daily work routine, it still gives a sense of foreboding.

Much worse if it’s about traveling, right?

When we’re out on vacation, it’s so easy to ignore uneasy thoughts like Murphy’s Law. But humor me for a second and think hard about what you’re leaving behind, one of the most important things and the biggest investment of your life – your home. Yeah, you don’t really see home security listed on travel tips nor is it the first thing on your mind once you’ve booked that plane ticket.

Your home is at its most vulnerable when you’re out traveling, so here’s a different kind of travel hacks post, a home protection edition that will keep you at ease while you’re happily gallivanting around the world.

Home Security Tips for Travelers

Keep watching over your house

There are different ways you can do this.

You can have cameras set up on entry points of your house; this means the front door, back door, and the windows that can be broken into. Connect them to an app and access it anytime you are free to look. Another option would be to ask a friend or a family member to stop by or stay at your place while you’re gone. Allow them to bring a one or two more people to keep them company, if you want. Then you can just call them for updates. You can also notify your local police that the house will be empty for a specific duration.

Some people would create combinations of these. For instance, they would ask friends or family to stay in, at the same time tell police to do nightly rounds on the neighborhood, making special note on their house.

Do not announce it on the web

Traveling is such an exciting thing to do, we just can’t help but announce it to the world. But of your house is going to be empty for a long time, maybe posting it on a public place is not a good idea. You can still tell your friends and family about it, but as much as possible, avoid calling attention to it online. The wrong people might know about it.

Make sure to go over your house maintenance checklist

Before you leave, go around the house and check what needs to be fixed first. For instance, if you live in a cold place, your water pipes might be in danger of freezing while you’re gone. In that case, make sure that they are insulated and have someone check them constantly.

When you’re about to leave, pull the plug on all of the appliances. You’ll not only avoid a high electricity bill, but you’ll also avoid unwanted fires brought on by sparks from plugs. Remember that even if they’re not in use, appliances still draw energy from the plugs, so it’s best to unplug them altogether.

As for leaving the lights on and the curtains drawn to make it look like someone’s home, you can amend this by leaving the curtains as you usually would when you’re at home and then purchasing a light switch timer so that it turns on and off on a specific schedule. This is perfect for people who doesn’t have anyone who can house sit for them.

Last but not least, make sure that you haven’t left your spare key under the potted plant. There’s nothing more cliche and dangerous than leaving a key lying around for them people to take. Instead, you can bring them with you or leave them to a family member or friend.

Traveling is for relaxation and adventure, so make sure you get out there without having to worry about anything you’ve left back home.

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